A 700,000 year old volcano and me

Sponsored by Zappos & Blundstone

Needing a sturdy pair of boots to take with me to Iceland last week, I put in an order online for these lace-up beauties and received them directly at my door not even two days later at no extra cost. Hopping between countries all the time and never staying put for more than a few days, I get this special jolt of happiness when I can make things easy for myself and quickly: like buying adventure gear. Zappos is a no-brainer with their year-long return policy and happy staff. I'd just rather minimize the energy I spend inside and instead direct my energy towards the wild outdoors.

And so I did. From jumping into Icelandic puddles to climbing inside singing caves to frolicking around a 700,000 stratovolcano capped by a glorious glacier to walking around the flooded streets of Reykjavik, the boots never flinched. Though I know how well-crafted all my previous Blundstone boots are, these are holding up more than I ever expected - the comfort level is high as always, but the water-friendliness ? That was a wildly pleasant surprise. What's not surprising are the endless compliments I get from friends and strangers. This Zappos x Blundstone boot style in Redwood is a show-stopper.

Let's see where else in the world I can take these babies next. I hear Nepal is amazing in November...

Kym Pham