Because Kym lives a life of beauty and she sees the beauty in everything and everyone around her, the experiences that she creates are naturally beautiful and divine.

And it is just so stunning to be able to say YES to those kinds of adventures in this life. And to share that space with divine women and unfolding synchronicities...

The amount of times I have laughed and slapped my legs in delight... and just had those moments of absolute bliss... whilst also being able to unleash tears... and release... and share truths that I have held BURIED IN MY HEART and my Soul... and to be able to do ALL of that in a space that is inviting me to enjoy this world...



Choosing to go on a trip with Kym was like choosing myself first, which I have rarely done over the course of my 34 years on the planet thus far.

As a busy mother of 2 young children, and at a huge crossroad in my life, I yearned to feel reconnected to my soul and my purpose. I chose to go on the France x Essence journey into the beautiful Provencal countryside. I had visited Paris before, but was intensely curious about the South of France and the mystical, artistic energy there.

I am breathless every time I reflect upon my short but infinitely sweet time in Beaucaire – I remember our cozy maison, the warm glow of the kitchen, the daily spread of delectable cheese, fresh fruits and bread, the amazing energy of the other women. I have never in my life been so convinced of the reality of magic. I have never felt so connected to my body and to the invisible force of the universe that revealed itself to me through both the interactions with other love-led soul sisters and through the unique and off-the-beaten-track locations that we journeyed through.

Kym taught me so many valuable lessons that I now carry close to my heart and through my everyday life. Her unique gift of seeing your true self really is something amazing. This experience is as much internal as it is external (if not more!)

As soon as I returned from the trip, I immediately quit my day job. Being a person who formerly was incredibly risk-averse and incessant on stability, this was a huge thing for me. I walked away from a profession that I had practiced for 8 years and had invested thousands of dollars on – but it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I have since unlocked a powerful side of myself that I never
before believed existed.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to have journeyed with Kym. My senses were flooded with more beauty, magic, wonder, and delight than I could EVER have imagined. This investment in YOURSELF is worth every. Single. Penny. I have seen returns that are too countless to number in the form of blessings both personal and business wise. I have leveled up as a human, and all because I allowed myself to receive and to become the person I was meant to be. Thank you Kym – I cannot wait
until our next adventure together!


Magic happens when I'm with you.


Through a serendipitous conversation with my closest friend, where I told her that I was yearning to go to Iceland and breathe through my eyes, I learned of Kym and her colorful adventures. Two months later I was sitting in a beautiful red cabin in South Iceland, surrounded by 6 strangers, sharing my story and hearing theirs. 

If you are seeking to fight any sort of numbness, I would encourage you to join Kym.

Be prepared to be open with your heart, mind, expectations of sites and sounds and you will gain the most out of the journey. Meeting Kym is part of it, she's a wonderful guide who leads you into your own desires.

Before I came to Iceland I was full of a very silent and steady burning fire. Not the good kind, not the kind that fuels your desires. The kind that turns everything to ash. 

The sites, sounds, conversations, air, rain and wind was the exact remedy I needed to cool my insides.

And I could feel them coming back to life. 


Iceland X Courage was a healing trip that begun the day I answered the call with a resounding yes. A leap into the unknown that intuitively I knew would serve me well.

Kym has a remarkable talent for holding space, for curating the perfect soul sisters, for creating sacred spaces to bare your soul.

I was astounded at the beauty of Iceland and the magical remote places that Kym navigated us to while also paying loving attention to what you may seek. We were challenged, supported, surprised and in unfamiliar land but it was incredibly beautiful every step of the way.

Iceland will always hold a special place in my heart and soul, as will the incredible girls I journeyed with.

MAGICAL is the only way to describe it.

Thank you Kym from the bottom of my heart, with courage and love.


Thank you so much for the most amazing trip I've ever experienced. 

Prior to joining the adventure I found myself stuck in a rut, feeling lost, helpless, depressed and deeply unhappy with my life. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go on a trip to Iceland with total strangers. 

Now, I'm so glad I did. 

It was the best thing I ever could have done for myself. 

You have a gift of putting together and connecting people with such different stories, finding mutual grounds and showing such genuine empathy and understanding for each one of us. 

Meeting this fantastic group of women with such kindness and vulnerability has given me a new outlook, and I'm left feeling more empowered than ever. The experience has founded new friendships, and I'm forever grateful for bringing us together. 

Through this I realized what I want in life and that I have the inner strength to create it myself. I do deserve to be happy and live for ME, instead of always trying to please everyone else. 

In my opinion the adventure can best be described as four days of therapy for the mind, heart and soul. It was filled with laughter, tears, more laughter and breathtaking scenery. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


"I want to acknowledge in case you don't already know, what a priestess you are.  And the way you priestess is through these experiences of travel.  It is such a gift to witness and to experience.

Thank you for being committed to the truth of who you are.

I knew from the moment you announced Iceland that my soul was meant to be there.  I knew there was something there for me.  For months I have been in a deep soul search around what i've built with my business and who I'm meant to be on this planet.  And I was feeling out of alignment.

Iceland gave me complete vast silence.   Silence of the deepest kind.  The internal kind.  It gave me simplicity, something that was missing for me during this time.

I was astonished at how luxurious it felt to have this experience.  It was more luxurious than any 5 star hotel I could ever stay in. 

It was true luxury, the luxury I have always enjoyed the most--the luxury of unbounded, wild nature, reflecting my true animal self back to me.  

I got quiet and still. My mind did not function.  I laughed harder than I have laughed in years.  I was fully myself in all of my totality.  

And the people you curated were perfect.

Since I came back from Iceland I am much more clear than ever before on a lot of things.  I am clear on who I am here to be--the frequency of alignment and impeccability and the way that I do that is through my expressing my own impeccability. I have never been more clear and ready to take that leap..."


I have been on THREE adventures with Kym Pham. One in Iceland, the other in the Azores, and again in Iceland. All of them were very different but inspiring at the same time. Kym really creates a sacred space for you to feel right at home. The time I spent with her was priceless.

Her words of wisdom impacted my heart in ways that I have never felt before.

I am so grateful that I had the time to get to know her, as well as myself on these epic adventures. These trips will change your whole perspective on the way you view yourself and the world. The possibilities are endless, we are the only ones standing in our way. Take a leap and have your heart and soul be changed forever. Get ready for the amazing adventure ahead filled with love, inspiration, honesty, amazing views and a divine feminine sisterhood. I have received endless love and support from her and also a beautiful friendship that I will be carry with me always. Thank you Kyma Shakti! 🙏😘💋🌹


Sometimes you need to go on a true adventure, and connect with others who are in need of the same. Kym brings likeminded explorers together and makes a short trip last a lifetime.

Going on a journey with Kym is the kind of reset you need every once in a while that is often difficult to find. You connect with nature, with others, and with yourself.

Kym makes sure this happens with each of her travelers.

I’m an explorer at heart, and I knew minutes into my first trip (I’ve been on multiple) that going on these adventures with Kym would be something I would continue to do over the years whenever I needed to go back into the wild.

If you’re thinking about going on one of Kym’s trips at all, you should just do it!

[I have been on 3 adventures: Norway, Iceland, and Madagascar]


The beauty of traveling with Kym is that she helps you remember that your inner landscape is just as magical, rich, beautiful and powerful as the places and people that she encounters with you during her trips.

The spontaneous nature of each day and little surprises along the way leaves you feeling anew, refreshed and rejuvenated.


In all honesty, I may have been a bit naive when I booked this trip with Kym. What I mean is that I had just expected a sort of typical group travel experience of seeing the beautiful sights and landscapes of Iceland. The only difference was that our group had a very passionate host to take us to more meaningful sights that were off the beaten track and not typical of what other tourists would see. This is what initially appealed to me.  Being surrounded by nature has always given me a comforting sense of perspective of bigger things out there. In comparison, whatever little mistakes that I make in my life doesn't have to have a lasting impact. They are just opportunities I can learn from and do better next time.

However, what I didn't expect was the self-reflective and sharing component at the end of each day. Generally, I am a very practical person that is project and task-orientated. The need for reflection for me is tied to completed projects, where I note down lessons learned of what went well and what could be improved, mostly a critique of the external. Unless I am unhappy, it is not often that I reflect on my emotions. So the activity of reflecting and sharing at the end of each day was quite unusual for me. At times, I found it uncomfortable, intriguing, honest and in a way uplifting as if a boulder had been removed from my shoulders. What that boulder represents I am not exactly sure, maybe 'judgement' or 'expectations' from not only others but of myself. Since our trip, I've started to make time every morning to reflect, writing a couple of pages about how I feel about whatever pops into my head. It has given me time to work through my thoughts, get it all out on paper and put away with no judgment from anyone. Pretty liberating!

As for sharing, I am careful who I share with. I also realize how lucky I have been in my life to have a supportive community of female friends that I can always confide in and count on to make me smile, laugh and be silly with through common struggles and tough times. It is something that I cherish and don't ever want to take for granted. So I am happy to have met more like minded women on this trip. More than ever, I feel that sisterhood is important to one's well-being and happiness.

Thanks Kym for a trip that has gone beyond my expectations and introducing me to more sisters to share experiences with.


Since I got back from Iceland, I’ve been feeling so anxious and I’m not sure why I’m not sure if it’s a combination of anxiety and or excitement. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t exactly had the time to unwind and collect my thoughts yet – I went straight back to work the following day.

What I do know is that I am very happy that our paths crossed. Even though it was so ambiguous, I had no feelings or thoughts of doubt. I full heartly trusted for what little I knew of this trip. I didn’t know what to expect and want to thank you for this amazing opportunity to explore Iceland and meet an amazing group of women. 

I only wish it was longer and we had more time. 

One big key takeaway I got from this trip was to be more present with yourself and listen to your inner voice. Hearing you talk about honoring your wildness and following your dreams and desires and seeing how it got you to where you are today is truly inspiring. I hope that one day I can be in a place like yours.


I already deeply miss Iceland, our adventures, and your ability to help us hear our inner voices with clarity.

I'm suffering from major post-vacation depression right now, I didn't think that returning to my day-to-day life would be this tough.

I didn't really know what to expect from this trip, except that I would gain something invaluable. I want to thank you for organizing the opportunity to meet an amazing group of women all so alike and different in many ways. Everyone had something special to teach me about the path I need to take in order to lead a more fulfilling life.

The biggest thing I've gained from our experience together is the importance of listening to my inner voice.

I've been living a life trying to please others whether they are my parents, my friends, my boss, or my coworkers, that I had completely drowned out the sound of my own desires.

I've learned that the lack of my self-confidence is the biggest obstacle between my dreams and reality.

I have big dreams and so many things to do before I can reach them, but with the encouragement from you, Aivy, and Jess, I can finally take my first step.

Traveling through Iceland was an incredible experience but the fact that we did it together made this trip priceless. I hope to join you again in one of your future trips to experience a new place and nourish my soul.

Thank you for everything.

P.S. On the first day I returned, I closed my eyes with the AC on blast and listened to Asgeir, pretending that I was back in Iceland, haha!!


Thank you Kym.

Words cannot bring to life how grateful I am to have you around still after all these years. Not just for getting me to go and guiding me on this through Iceland.

The trip is merely the catalyst for all the changes triggered for the next part/phase of life.

But thank you for getting me to shake up life to live a more meaningful and happy one. I only hope to get to live half the adventurous one you've created for yourself, and hope you never stop exploring (and to take me with you) !


I have never experienced so much beauty within a week before. 

Kym will share all the unknown gems of foreign places with you that feel like they were plucked out of a fairytale.

Be prepared for adventure and spontaneity, you won't regret it :)


"It makes you pay attention to the miracles that happen everyday. It reminded me that when you sit still, pay attention, perhaps even while living on the edge of your comfort zone, you’ll start to believe a little more in something that you didn’t think was possible. I came home with renewed sense of possibility - and belief in the fantastic surprise of miracles."


"Grateful for soul sisters and priestesses like Kym who follow their passion so whole heartedly and who inspire me to keep on reaching to the edge of my own. Grateful to have so many amazing women to have laughed, talked sex, drank wine, swum in the cool waters of the Mediterranean and have had foodgasms with over the past few days.

Thanks Kym for putting this trip together and for always being the kind of friend who pushes me to be louder, shinier, bigger & even more bold and brazen. Thank you for always making it ok for me to be my full wild self without judgment. Thank you for being the kind of friend who asks you to share MORE without being threatened as I continue to rise and allow myself to be more big.

I have met few who encourage me to be my wild self, so wholeheartedly and delightedly. So generously.

Love you. Love Italy. Love this beautiful magical life."


"The past few days [with you in Italy...] have felt like several lifetimes of living. I compare this experience to the blips of days that fly by in my daily life and marvel at the difference. My normal life is all go, go, go! I rush from work to home to my business. I tumble into bed exhausted, only to get up and do it all over again. Here the pace is slowed. We take long drives to see beautiful things. The trains are late and we don't notice because we are engaged and connected in conversation & blissfull living. I find my efficiency & impatience melting away as I surrender to the sensual beauty of this place.

So strange how last week seems truly so far away. Like I was another person, living another life, and I wonder if I can, or should, go back? How do I reserve this space & calm before the chaos of daily living crushes me again? 

And so this trip was the medicine I prescribed to my harried, stressed, worn out self...

(with the support & encouragement of my husband and close friends) in order to have the space to think differently, to be inspired, to try on a different way of being for a change. It was not hard to unplug as we plunged right into epic beauty of the Tuscan countryside while driving to our first destination - the home-cooked dinner in a Tuscan villa. It was our first exercise in slowing down, as we did not have dinner til 10 or so, but we all embraced the experience whole-heartedly. 

The other magic of the trip was the chemistry of the women on it. We are a group of diverse backgrounds, occupations, personalities, but perhaps there was a common thread that made it easy for us all to connect: independence/fearlessness in tandem with a heart for taking care of others, each in our own way. I think those two qualities allowed us to move together in a way that unplanned adventure & magic could unfold. No one freaked out about having a plan, so we could change direction if we felt like it. Everyone offered up their gifts happily to serve the group at different times & different ways. We each had the ability to lead and be led throughout, which provided a nice balance. 

My expectations going into this trip were pretty open. I didn't really have anything in mind other than to get a break from my life to look for inspiration. I definitely got that due to both the beauty of the places we visited and the chemistry of the group. Kym did a great job bringing it all together and gently guiding us along the way. Thank you for inviting me. It was exactly what I needed."


"My first expedition with Kym (I say first because I know there will be many more) was a wild, amazing, transformative experience.

When I saw her post about the trip she was planning I was immediately overcome with undeniable certainty. It was a strange, wonderful combination of anticipation and anxiety deep in my core, of being terrified to drop everything and travel with complete strangers for a week, but also knowing that I needed to do this. 

Just a few weeks later I was in Iceland, drenched in the freezing spray from a waterfall and feeling more vibrantly alive than ever before. We played with wild ponies at Stokksnes, strolled the volcanic ash beach at Vik and watched the Northern Lights dance over the glacier lagoon at Jokulsarlon. Each new experience, each late night conversation, each deep belly laugh laid my soul bare to the world. 

While Iceland was incredible, it was my time with Kym that had the greatest impact on me.

Hearing her talk about honoring her wildness and following her desires while actually getting to witness her doing those things was immensely powerful. Watching her live this big, bold adventure inspired me to take greater risks of my own, and upon returning home I found the courage to make some major decisions that have changed my life for the better.

If you travel with Kym, your world is going to change. You will be challenged and encouraged in ways you could have never imagined, and you will never regret it. "


““It was a pleasure charting unfamiliar lands with Kym in

a whirlwind adventure I wanted to never end.

I cannot wait for a follow-up journey with her!””



"I told Kym, “My soul is calling me to go. This felt right.”

She responded, “This might be the universe answering your call.”

Who talks like that?

We do, because we believe in it. Before our Skype call ended, I had booked my flight. This was a Monday in September.

Traveling with Kym is adventuring through the world, wherever it may be, starry-eyed. The world is a beautiful place, there's no doubt, but traveling with people who feel its wonder, no, exude the world's wonder is an experience unto itself.

I've traveled to many places with many people, but traveling with Kym was a deeply personal journey - into your heart, into hers, and into everyone else's you're lucky enough to meet.

Pivot to 2 years later. A few days after my 29th birthday, here I was in Iceland again, coinciding with Kym leading another group of lucky souls to experience Iceland’s majesty. The theme of their journey was “Full Circle” - and what a full circle we both have been through. Sometimes, the seismic impact of an event can be felt many moons later.

When I first traveled with Kym, I left Iceland with an answer of who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. I did not do those things. Now I am back, full-force, and with a vengeance. So Kym and I crossed paths again, each at our full-circle in Iceland. When I think of Iceland, I will not remember the stunning glaciers or dancing Northern Lights.

No, I will remember that quiet internal shift when, amidst a land of ethereal beauty, my soul pivoted towards exactly who I was meant to be."