Do I need to be a seasoned traveler to join you ?

Not in the least :) I deeply enjoy the honor of introducing the wonders of the world to those new to traveling. Anyone who loves to explore our planet is welcome.

Can I hire you to design a custom journey overseas ?

Absolutely. It is one of my greatest talents and a profound passion. Go over to the "Talk To Me" page and tell me a little more about what you're looking for. If I feel I can design an experience that makes us both dream, we'll be in for a ride. ;)

What is your cancellation policy ?

There are no refunds, love. If you are participating in a group journey, I am sometimes able to help you transfer the funds to another upcoming journey—occurring within 12 months of the original one you signed up for. But no refunds. 

What should I pack for a journey ?

Shortly after you send in your deposit for a journey, you will receive via email a packing list specific to your upcoming experience. 

Any other questions ?

Head over to the page "Talk To Me" and send your question to me there !